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A Hard Question


All Hat Bizarre bobbles can be mixed and matched day in day out because of the innovative attachment on all our bobbles allowing for them to be changed time and time again on your Hat Bizarre hat.

This leads to some difficult questions:

What style of bobble should I choose?

What colour bobble should I choose?

Here's the rundown of everything you need to know about Hat Bizarre bobbles.



Hat Bizarre Bobble Pom

 All Hat Bizarre hats come with a free pom in the colours matching your hat.

Material(s): Merino
Size: Approximately 8cm in diameter 
Pros: Water resistant, perfect colour match, you get one for free!
Style tips: Add a different coloured pom to your Hat Bizarre hat for a cool and colourful look.

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Hat Bizarre Bobble Beable

Beables are Hat Bizarre's flagship bobble, available in every colour you could need.

Material(s): Mohair & Silk
Size: Approximately 10cm in diameter
Pros: Water resistant, bold colours, huge variety of colours available, fluffy!
Style tips: Fluff up your Beable before attaching it to your Hat Bizarre hat to bring it to life.

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Beable Blends

Beable Blends are the multicoloured, intriguing sibling of the Beable

Material(s): Mohair & Silk
Size: Approximately 10cm in diameter
Pros: Water resistant, multicoloured, at least one ideal for every Hat Bizarre hat, fluffy!
Style tips: Fluff up before use and match with a similar coloured hat for a super suave style.

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Faux Furs

All Hat Bizarre Faux Furs are made without using any animal fur whatsoever - look good feel great!

Material(s): Faux fur (duh!)
Size: Approximately 12cm in diameter
Pros: Water resistant, no animal fur is used, traditional & white furs suit all hats
Style tips: Be bizarre with a multicoloured fur or pick a traditional/white fur to wear with all your Hat Bizarre hats.

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Tiddly Poms

Tiddly Poms are one of two of Hat Bizarre's hanging bobbles, available in many colours to match your hat.

Material(s): Mohair & Silk
Size: Each pom is approximately 5cm in diameter
Pros: Water resistant, very bizarre, multicoloured, unique look
Style tips: Attach your tiddly poms, hang upside down, admire your bobbles swaying around.

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Made up of long Merino strands, the hanging tassel is an ideal addition to any Hat Bizarre hat.

Material(s): Merino
Size: Approximately 14cm in length
Pros: Water resistant, very bizarre, unique look, match the colours of your hat
Style tips: Brush through strands to pull them apart and allow for more movement.

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The biggest, fluffiest and softest bobble available from Hat Bizarre.

Material(s): Acrylic
Size: Approximately 10-14cm in diameter 
Pros: Water resistant, huge, very fluffy, super soft to the touch
Style tips: Go big or go home!

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